For Primary Care ND’s

New Moon Cancer Care doesn’t just add value to patients but to Naturopathic Physicians and other health practitioners too!


How NMCC can Help the Primary Care ND:


NMCC assists PCP ND’s in comprehensive care for their patients with cancer.  Many N.D.’s feel that they either have to figure this out on their own, work only on the foundations of health (which is a very important thing!), and/or strictly press conventional care.  NMCC is not saying either of those approaches is good or bad, but that other options are available as well and that we are stronger in collaboration than at competition.  With a referral to NMCC as coordinated care as a team, we help ND’s manage their patients’ cancer in a truly wholistic way, allowing for deeper healing by utilizing naturopathic and energy worker modalities affecting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes as needed.


How the Primary Care ND can Help NMCC:


NMCC believes in a lifetime of learning, growing, and transforming, for that is what life is. NMCC is always interested in wanting to understand the struggles of the PCP ND so that we can potentially identify ways to be of service in the future, and help one another out!


Help Dr. Lisa understand what struggles and challenges exist, or what help is needed or appreciated, etc. so that proper research can be done and NMCC can potentially be of assistance in the future.