For Oncologists

New Moon Cancer Care doesn’t just add value to patients but to oncologists and other health practitioners too!


How NMCC can Help the Oncologist:


With a coordinated care approach, NMCC helps the oncologist improve patient outcomes by aiding side effect palliation and/or increasing treatment efficacy, thus also increasing patient comfort, quality of life and improving compliance, and helping the oncologist feel even more confident about the current standard of care.


If interested in offering naturopathic or energy work to your patients, a referral to NMCC at Sage Center can be made.  Alternatively, Dr. Lisa does house calls to alleviate inconvenience or if possible, a visit to your hospital/clinic could be arranged.


Please note that collaboration is what NMCC strives for.  We are not at odds with the oncologist and do sincerely believe health practitioners enter medicine with a desire to help humankind.  Neither of us are above or below the other, just different reflections of the whole.



How the Oncologist can Help NMCC:


NMCC believes in a lifetime of learning, growing, and transforming, for that is what life is. NMCC is always interested in wanting to understand the struggles of the oncologist so that we can potentially identify ways to be of service in the future, and help one another out!


Help Dr. Lisa understand what struggles and challenges exist, or what help is needed or appreciated, etc. so that proper research can be done and NMCC can potentially be of assistance in the future.